world sex trade

Every year roughly two million women and children are sold into the sex trade, also knowns as trafficking. The U.S. research group Protection Project researched over 120,000 women smuggled into western Europe for prostitution. These women come mainly from central and eastern Europe. In Baltimore, Maryland, reports based at Johns Hopkins University, have documented rising trends in the sex slave trade. Stating that more than 15,000 women are forced into the U.S. every year, majority of them being young girls from Mexico. Asian women are sold in North America to brothels for merely 16,000 dollars each. 200,000 girls as young as 14 from Napal, are working as sex slaves in India. Former Soviet Union women in an estimated 10,000 are forced to be prostitutes in Isreal, along with the Thai government reporting 60,000 Thai children being sold. Sri Lanka contains as many as 10,000 children between the ages of six to 14 enslaved in brothels. 20,000 women and children from Burma are being forced into prostitution in Thailand. These statistics always report that 155 cases of forced prostitution brought before the courts in The Netherlands, only four have resulted in convictions.
These horrifying reports of women being slaved throughout the world, appear everywhere. From country to country women are tossed around like cotton, oil or agriculture. A human life has been treated like a rag doll and thousands of females are being abused. Rumors and details among Britain, are surfacing about dozens of teenage girls in the care of social services that may have been kidnapped by an organized gang. These women are forced into prostitution abroad, mainly in Italy. CNN.com reports that "The girls in question are child asylum seekers from Africa, who enter the care of West Sussex social services after arriving at Gatwick Airport in the south of England." (Time Warner Company, CNN.com) The West Sussex council spokesman explains that a number of asylum seekers, minors have been missing from social services and they believe they have been captivated by gangs abroad. Along with that statement he also willingly replies that they have done as much as they can to prevent these issues, but can't force the people to stay inside.

These issues continue to happen everywhere and although countries will deny the personal use of World Sex Trade, the issue still remains around us. Buying and selling of women, specifically for sexual slavery continues. Women, children and even men are captured to be used sexually, labor and abuse. While congress has denounced this trading. The Trafficking of any persons, especially women and children should be stopped. I believe there should be laws and regulations on immigration officials to question all immigrants. The president, the congress, the nation, the people should all take part in guiding these issue to an end.
Over all, the sickening amounts of women that are being tossed around the world has not come to an end. It's obvious a human life is much more important than a sex object or a useful tool to get what you want. Cultures, men, women of any race should respect their lives along with others. It's astonishing the amounts of people that are abused like this, but what's even more shocking, is the lack of awareness. I independently believe that more than the majority of humans that remain on this earth, respect and love their lives, or as much as want their lives. With the confidence that this idea is true, I can't seem to figure out how one could glorify their life and demolish another. It seems the value of our lives are greater than the value of someone else, which has never rang more false. We are all equal, we are all given opportunity and life, this disrespect and affliction needs to be put to an end.

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(kim cogan)
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